Sharpen your mind.
Master your work.
Live deeper.

Depth is something we crave, but often struggle to find. Our jobs are full of interruptions, distractions and busywork that keep us from building rewarding careers. Our personal time is splintered, robbing us of presence and peace of mind. We’ve lost the ability to focus and it’s making us miserable.

Building on our best-selling books, Deep Work, Digital Minimalism and Ultralearning, Life of Focus invites you to imagine a different kind of life. One where you regularly produce your best work, enjoy deeply satisfying hobbies, activities and relationships. Following a guided three-month program, we’ll show you how you can build a life of focus.

Normally, sessions for Life of Focus are held once per year. However, those on the waiting list get more frequent opportunities to join. Add your name to the list, and we’ll also send you a lesson series so you can start moving your life toward focus today.

Cal and Scott